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Quali varietà di sementi orto seminare a Luglio nell'orto?

What varieties of vegetable seeds to sow in July in the garden?

July, summer and vegetable seeds do not seem words that are easily linkable, because both those who have never done any gardening and those who have a vegetable garden but are still amateurs probably think that sowing temperatures start to be extremely high is useless.

Parassiti e malattie dell'orto

Garden pests and diseases

Serious diseases are not common in the vegetable garden, especially if it is well cared for, and you probably won’t have to deal with anything more serious than an invasion of plant lice or a minor case of downy mildew or blight.
Sementi biologiche per l'orto: perché sceglierle per il tuo spazio verde

Organic seeds for the vegetable garden: why choose them for your green space

Organic seeds have been for years subject of initiatives aimed at promoting its usage both inside home gardens and intensive production aimed at selling. In fact, even in organic agriculture there is always the possibility of employing conventional seeds and consequently, the products cannot be considered biologically certified.

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