Flower bulbs

The guide contains practical directions on how and when to plant the flower bulbs, autumn e spring,to give your terrace and garden the most colorful and suitable flower frame. Even if they require the proper care and attention, flower bulbs can be grown by everyone, following the simple tips contained in this practical booklet.

In the guide for each individual flower variety, you will find all the tips on howmanage the sowing calendar, according to the seasons and the right times for cultivation; you will learn to understand where to plant your bulb (in soil, pot, or water) and and when it will give its first flowers; you will know exactly which is the right location to ensure your plant a healthy and luxuriant life (in the apartment, terrace, garden, pot). 

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Flower seeds

The guide contains practical directions on how and when to growFlower Seeds,to make your garden more lush and green than ever.

In the booklet, for each single variety of flower, you will find all the advice on organizing the calendar of your sowing , based on the seasons and the right times to grow the flower; you will learn to calculate exactly the biological rhythms of the plant's growth and the flowering modalities; you will know the specific characteristics of the flower and what height it will reach once it has grown; and finally you will know where your flower can find a privileged place in your personal garden (in flowerbed, borders, rocks, climbers, pots or cut).

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Vegetable seeds

The guide contains some useful practical guidance on how and when to growvegetable seeds.

Inside the booklet you will find all the valuable tips to have a truly enviable vegetable garden in good condition: in which lunar phase it is advisable to carry out sowing, which characteristics the soil must have  to obtain a good harvest, which type of fertilizers is preferable to use to make the soil more fertile and ready to accommodate the seeds, in which season of the natural calendar should I plant the seed to have an always abundant and healthy harvest and which sowing method ( sowing in open ground or in seedbeds) I have to choose according to the vegetable I want to sow.

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IThe dream of all garden lovers is to have a well-kept and green Turf: in this practical guide you will find all the useful information you need to grow your Turf and make it healthier than it has ever been.

In the practical handbook all the main issues concerning the care of the green and the lawn will be addressed: how a new turf is formed, what are the preliminary operations to be carried out to prepare the soil for sowing, how to sterilize and fertilize the soil to allow the seeds to grow properly, how and when to sow and what are the procedures to care for the lawn once it has been sown.

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Dicondra lawn

A beautiful dicondra lawn needs specific care and attention, which will be amply rewarded once the turf is grown in the most correct and right way. In the guide you will find all practical tips to create a < strong> Dicondra lawn which will be flourishing, green and healthy.

The manual contains all the information to know how to cultivate this particular variety of lawn : from watering, to fertilization, to cutting, weeding, to protecting the lawn from attack by parasites and insects harmful to the health of the soil and turf.

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