If you are a reseller and wish to display Sgravatti seeds in tour store, we are happy to offer you special conditions for your purchase:


All packages, envelopes, boxes, jars are graphically designed to ensure a captivating and modern image, so that the individual varieties are easy to identify in a store and are attractive to the customer.

Thanks to a modern and effective packaging, N. Sgaravatti & C. Sementi S.p.a. offers all kinds of solutions to package products and make purchasing a safe and guaranteed choice


You can choose between our choices and types of packaging:heat-sealed sachets, packs by weight, packs by number (heat-sealed, cardboard boxes, paper bags, metal cans), all rigorouslylitographed.

Unified Price Packs

Packs by Weight

For important orders and purchasing requests, it's possible to customize the packaging.

Spring or autumn planting bulbs

You can buy flower bulbs in practical packaging or ready-to-sell displays in various formats. All our bulbs are branded De Ree, a leading Dutch company in the export of high quality bulbs.

Boxes and displays for the sale of bulk bulbs

Lithographed packs

Animal feed

You can buy sgaravatti brand feed for birds and rodents. Discover the brand new "mixbon plus" line, feed enriched with specific ingredients for the best nutrition of all types of birds and rodents

Feed bags

Resellers discount

To make an order as a reseller you can contact us and we will get back to you to define the products you wish to order; for an order you will receive a special discount on the catalog price.

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