Quali varietà di sementi orto seminare a Luglio nell'orto?

Here are all the tips to grow vegetable seeds at home.

Sowing at the start of summer

July, summer and vegetable seeds do not seem words that are easily linkable, because both those who have never done any gardening and those who have a vegetable garden but are still amateurs probably think that sowing when the temperatures start to be extremely high is useless. Moreover, it’s time for the holidays, so we likely are more relaxed and distracted and want to take time for ourselves and think about other things; or the fear that is going to be too hot to have any results, or that we won’t be able to scrupulously follow the births of the seedling, and will end up exaggerating in some way with water. Luckily, plants know better and are tougher than they look.

Certainly, opting for tomatoes and sweet pepper as seedlings for the vegetable garden in July is a bit too late, while it definitely seems appropriate to abandon the idea of having aubergines and it is best to wait for the right season in the following year. Anyways, much depends on the weather and the region in which we are, that is why some possibilities are still there.

How to decide the seeds for the summer vegetable garden

When it comes to cultivating, the same basic rule applies to flowers and vegetables: what you want to produce or cultivate should be planned well in advance, so that the conditions and the possible problems with which we will have to deal with, are clear from the start. Moreover, it is imperative to purchase vegetable seeds that guarantee a high percentage of germination, and whose packaging clearly indicates how long they can be used successfully.

Satisfied these conditions, if the climate allows, the possible sowings in July are quite numerous, so much so that there must be an attentive evaluation of space and interactions.

For example, carrot is very appreciated and can be sown and harvested throughout most of the year; you can decide to sow it in July but even in November - temperature permitting - and this would probably be even more recommended. In fact, in this way you could leave space for other crops, optimizing and varying the quality of the harvested vegetables. Taking into consideration the length of the vegetable seeds usage period is one of those precautions that is good to consider ahead of time to plan the garden.

What to plant in July

Leek, cucumber, summer lettuce and bean would be perfect choices for vegetable seed to have in July.

The staggered growth and harvest in time of these vegetables would allow us to have fresh vegetables in autumn and winter too, and in different times. Moreover, as they are widely consumed and used, and generally well liked by everyone - leek and beans - can be easily canned, and would constitute a very useful resource for the household budget.

The same goes for parsley, basil and rocket, that have the advantage of being productive at least until the first frost, and of taking little space bot in extension and in depth and of requiring little attention. Except for rocket, to be used fresh or in pesto, the two other aromatic plants can be frozen or used for sauces or in other preserves, to consume at a later time.

Zucchini are another vegetable with a very wide use and their cultivation is very rewarding: in terms of pleasantness of the plant, for its colorful flowers of which some can be picked and fried in batter, and more importantly for the abundant harvest that can be obtained from planting these seeds in July. This is probably, one of the most advisable choice for sowing at the start of summer.

If, in addition to quantity, we also aim at variety and tastiness of production, radishes offer fun, a strong taste and not too much trouble, if time and luck are on our side. They are, actually, a little bit delicate and need a climate that is not too hot or too rainy, besides a rich fertilization.

To avoid issues with some parasites that pierce them by digging galleries in its pulp, it is always advisable to grow - this applies for any vegetable garden and garden, even if it does not always work perfectly- essences such as garlic, onion, leek and lavender, whose presence alone helps fight the various parasites and from which, trough maceration, quite effective natural pesticides are derived from.

June 01, 2020 — Alias Srl