Sowing and Planting in the vegetable garden

In the nursery, are planted: white onions,and winter lettuce.
As for the vegetable garden, September is the ideal month forthe sowing and the planting of: beetroots, chard, carrots, tenderstem, chicory, early onions, curly and escarole endivies, winter lettuce, broad beans, fennel, parsley, wild radish, turnip, radish, rocket, spinach , valerian.

In September you can transplant cavoliall the plants ready in your nursery or on the market.

Sowing and Planting in the Garden

It is the suitable month for sowing the following in the nursery: alisso, snapdragon, centaurea, godetia, myosotis, daisies, pansy, wallflower.
In the garden you can sow and plantthe following: Impatiens, snapdragon, delphinum, digitalis, carnations, scabiosa, silene, pansy.

In the vegetable garden ,the following are transplanted: ornamental cabbage and all the seedlings available in your nursery or on the market.

Harvesting of Vegetables

In the vegetable garden, in Septmber ,the following are harvested: basil, beet, chard, broccoli, carrot, cabbage, savoy cabbage, cavolo cinese, kohlrabi, cauliflower, cucumber, chicory, endivie riccie e scarole, lettuce, beans, aubergine, melon, sweet pepper, tomatoe, leek, parsley, radish, wild radish, pumpkin, zucchini.

Chores in the vegetable garden and in the garden

In September, the artichoke field is huddled and the asparagus is arranged. Prepare and fertilize flower beds for thesowing of the autumn bulbs. The lawns still need mowing and nitrogen fertilization. It's the ideal time to sow the newly established lawn , as, unlike in spring, there is no competition from autumn weeds.

Treatments for the lawn

It is suggested to carry on fungicide treatments at the first symptoms of infestation, weed grass onon developed lawns and fertilize con concimi composti a prevalente titolo di Fosforo (P) e Potassio (K).

Treatments for the vine

In September, the grapes are in the ripening phase. It is good to treat the vine against fungal diseases (Peronospora).

Treatments in the orchard

In September, in the orchard, the pear, apple and peach fruits are developed. It is good to carry out treatments against fungal diseases (Oidium, Brown spot) and against animal parasites (Carpocapsa, Embroiderers).

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Chores in the vineyard

In September, the harvest finally begins, starting from the early varieties of red and white grapes. Proceed quickly and with criteria, evaluating the right ripeness of the grapes.

Chores in the cellar

The grapes must be pressed and de-stemmed quickly. With frequent pumping over of the new must, the cap of the marc is sprinkled every 8 hours, which is formed during fermentation. Pay attention to the excessive temperature of the must; in case of need, if the temperature exceeds 28 - 30 ° C, carry on with frequent wetting with fresh water. The yeasts are inoculated for fermentation within 24 hours from the start of this process.

Ventilate the premises well to disperse the carbon dioxide released by the must; cleaning is always recommended to avoid the emergence of acidus-carrying midges colonies.