Come scegliere il giusto diserbante chimico: i consigli dell'esperto

Herbicides are chemicals used against weeds. Their use, in fact, is the best solution to this problem. Choosing the right chemical herbicide is important to ensure the beauty and growth of a lawn.

Chemical herbicides

Weeds are of different varieties. In fact, there may be more than 10 specimens per square meter.

The solution to these enemies of green areas are herbicides. Although they are not very ecological and some prefer to resort to other methods, they are the right tools to preserve the beauty of the lawns.

Herbicides, defined as herbicides or pesticides, must be purchased based on the type of weeds. The main rules to follow are: instructions for use and appropriate climatic conditions . If these two conditions are met, the resolution of the problem is pretty fast.

From the climatic point of view, it is necessary to take into account the minimum temperatures above 12-14 C°, and an excellent herbicide must be used in the absence of rain. Their toxicity is an aspect that should not be underestimated. The safety rules must be respected and known, especially by those who use these chemicals for the first time.

Choosing the right product depends on several factors. The ability to eliminate weeds is closely linked to the selection of the best herbicides. There are selective products that act on some types of weeds. The total ones, on the other hand, eliminate all plant species, both useful and harmful. Experts recommend the use of selective herbicides, purchased in relation to the conditions of the existing herbs. The narrow-leaved weeds, or broad-leaved ones, in fact, can be eliminated with this type of chemical products.

How to use a herbicide

Some herbicides are used in pre-emergency situations.

The aim is to immediately intervene on the seeds of weeds that have already invaded the first centimeters of soil. In other cases they are used in the post-emergence phase, that is, their action on the vegetation now clearly visible and characterized by weeds is decisive. After about 4-5 days, the effect of the herbicide is clearly visible. The appearance of the leaves changes, in fact, they become red and folded. Finally, the surrounding turf remains perfectly green. The dry leaves are easily removed by cutting and with the help of a rake.

Low temperatures are important for the herbicide molecules to activate. The ideal condition, in fact, is in the evening when they exceed 12-14 C°. Under these numbers, the herbicide effect is zero. The right time to intervene is in the first part of the day , after cutting and irrigating the turf a few weeks before. The action is more effective, as the young weed shoots are more sensitive and are eliminated more easily. After this activity, the lawn should not be watered. If you follow these few rules, weeding achieves excellent results. There are types of herbicides ready to use and used also for house plants, balconies and domestic gardens. To eliminate narrow-leaved weeds, selective products are sold with characteristics suitable for not damaging the lawns and road borders. Using the right herbicide in time means preserving the perfect aesthetics of these small green areas.

Weeds not only affect the beauty of the crop, but cause other negative effects such as, for example, the decrease in light or the absorption of water in the summer season.

The care of a lawn must be constant to avoid the presence of weeds. The herbicide has a strong environmental impact, however it is the most efficient alternative to solve this problem.

August 23, 2019 — Alias Srl