Insetticidi e trappole per eliminare le lumache dal tuo orto

Snails in the vegetable garden and in the garden: how to fix it

Snails are animals useful to the ecosystem, however they can cause serious damage to vegetable gardens and gardens, devastating plants with their voracity. When they appear, these molluscs become a real nightmare for horticulture and gardening enthusiasts: in fact, they are potentially harmful to plants and their health, especially during the spring period.

It is in this season that snails are hungrier and are particularly attracted to the freshest and most tender shoots.

These stubborn gastropods are capable of completely destroying all the plants in a flower bed or an entire crop in the course of a single night: consequently it is necessary to act as quickly as possible.

Timing is an even more important skill if you have just planted delicate ornamental plants, various seedlings or tender leafy vegetables. Very often chemical methods are adopted to eliminate snails from one's garden or vegetable garden, however these products could contaminate crops, as well as kill the shellfish. Consequently, it is advisable to develop green and eco-sustainable solutions or real traps to discourage these garden devastators.

Amongst Sgaravatti’s products for plant defense there is also “No grazie Lumache”, designed to perform a dehydrating action and create unfavorable conditions for snails and slugs.Its task is to act as a temporary removal mechanism for the snail, without presenting itself as a protection activity for plants and the house. The product is sold in 1 kg jars and has a granular consistency, ready to use: it does not contain harmful chemicals, respects the environment and is not risky for the health of humans, birds and animals in general, which they are not the final target of the fight against external enemies. “No grazie Lumache” is suitable for both open ground gardens and potted plants.

Another solution to the fight against the enemies of the garden is to resort to “Beer trap for snails and limaceae”, of the product line ”Products for the defense of the house” designed to make the most of the attractive power of beer against snails and capture them effectively.

August 23, 2019 — Alias Srl