Formiche in casa? Ecco come tenerle lontano con gli insetticidi

Solving the problem of ants in the house

Having ants in the house is a problem that very often recurs every year with the arrival of the summer season and the rise in temperatures. In particular, it is the kitchen that is invaded due to the presence of crumbs, sugary foods and other substances that attract insects. First of all, it is good to put into practice adequate preventive measures, such as a thorough cleaning of the kitchen and the house. The crumbs of sweets and bread must be eliminated immediately, as the ants can smell them, (especially that of sugary foods!), from the outside.

At the same time it is necessary to constantly and methodically clean the sink , as well as to keep the pantries closed and tidy. In addition, dirty dishes should be left around as little as possible. To avoid having ants in the house it is good to to seal the cracks in the fixtures (doors and windows) from where they can penetrate: for example, puttying the door sills and window sills, or seal them with insulating tape or silicone.

The operation must be carried out carefully and possibly a protective olfactory barrier can be created by growing mint plants in the garden or on the windowsill. In fact, ants can't stand the scent.

Insecticides against ants in the house

If it is too late to implement preventive actions, it is necessary to eliminate the house ants: if you are faced with a real invasion, with aggressive and large colonies, you can opt for chemical remedies . On the market there are various insecticides and various alternative solutions : for example, the anti-ant bait is the least invasive as it is formed by a box inside which there is a harmful substance for this kind of insects. It is necessary to put the bait in the places where the ants appear most numerous: in this way not only the insects eat the poisonous substance, but they collect it and carry it to the anthill.

However, it takes some time before results are seen. As for the insecticide powder, the product is mixed with water and then spread with a spray on the ants in the house. Faster solutions are obtained with concentrated spray insecticides, which immediately eliminate the ants.

August 23, 2019 — Alias Srl