Sowing and Planting in the vegetable garden

In the seedbed, kept in a warm environment or under glass, they can be sown long-lasting onions, eggplant e radishes.
December is the ideal month for the sowing of fava beans and of peas and for their planting
In the december you can plantgarlic,asparagus legs e le spring onions.
Can be transplanted, artichoke onions and all the seedlings ready in your nursery or on the market.

Sowing and Planting in the garden

In December, iris bulbs and rhizomes (iris germanica), lilies of the valley and tulipsare planted in the garden
It's the ideal moment for planting bulbs in pots or in water. You can plant: amaryllis, hyacinths, and sweet potato.

Flowers and ornamental plants to plant

In Decemberroses and shrubsare planted.

Harvesting of vegetables

In December, the following are harvested: chard, broccoli, thistle, carrot, kale, cabbage, brussel sprout, lacinato kale, cauliflowe, chicory, endive riccie e scarole, fennel, lettuce, leek, parsley, beetroot, garden radish , celery, spinach, valerian.

Chores in the vegetable garden and garden

In the garden the thistles are wrapped with coarse paper, tied, laid down and covered with earth, to have them white and tender. The Brussels chicory is blanched to form the buds and the red and variegated chicories to soften them.

Treatments to be carried out in the Orchard

In December we are in the phase of the fall of the leaves from the pear, apple and peach trees.
In the orchard is possible to carry out treatments against animal parasites (Mealybugs) and against the fungal diseases (Bolla del Pesco).

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Chores in the vineyard

In December the work on the vineyard started in November continues, rains permitting, but pruning should be stopped when the frost arrives. Prepare the posts to be replaced in the vineyard, protect the tips of these with tar (or pass over the fire) so that they do not rot.

Chores in the cellar

Drain the barrels of aged "vinsanto", making sure not to rush the process, as not to cloud the wine. Remove the dried grapes from the racks and gently press them to obtain a very sweet and "firm" must. Quickly place it in the newly drawn barrel. Remember never to leave the kegs empty for several days so as not to jeopardize the development of the "long and slow fermentation", thanks to the "mothers", the natural yeasts that are deposited on the bottom of the keg.