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Legs of Asparagus


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Asparagus legs are meant as the legs (roots) used to plant an asparagus that are planted in late autumn (where the weather permits) or in spring (February / March).
The legs can be produced on your own (in seedbed from seed) or purchased already formed.
Purchased or produced on their own, the legs, generally 1 year old, undergo transplantation which takes place from November to March, placing them in pits 50 cm away, 35/40 cm deep and 30/40 cm wide, laying them on a cushion of well mature manure (100/200 kg per 100 m2), covered with 2 or 3 cm of soil and peat and trying to keep the roots (legs) open and oriented downwards. after planting, the pits are leveled with the addition of 5/10 cm of earth.
In the second year, another 15/20 cm of earth is added together with mature manure (100/200 kg per 100 m2) and the first shoots (Asparagus) can already be harvested.
The third year the pit is completely covered with mature manure and earth, which will be repeated every year for asparagus.
The third is the year of full fruiting which will continue for a long time (even 10/15 years).