Sowing and Planting in the vegetable garden

In May,cabbagesare sown in the seedbed and in the nursery.

During this month the following are sown and planted: basil, chard, carrots, thistles, cucumber, chicory, endivie, beans, summer lettuce, melons, parsley, rocket, endive escarole, salsify, pumpkin, zucchini.

The follwing are transplanted: cabbages, aubergines, tomatoes, sweet pepper, celery and all the seedlings available in your nursery or on the market

Sowing and Planting in the garden

In May it is sown in the nursery: asparagus, alisso, aster, bellflower, centaurea, digitalis, carnation, helichrysum, sage, phlox, marigold, verbena, perwinkle.

In May, the following are sown and planted: ageratum, amaranth, columbine, celosia, clarkia, cosmea, coleus, helichrysum, godetia, gypsophila, iberis, purslane, hypomea, petunia, phlox, sweet pea, ornamental pumpkin

These bulbs and rhizomesare planted: achimenes, acidanthera, agapanthus, alstroemeria, amaryllis, columbine, astilbe, begonies, calla lilies ,indica rods, dahlie, dicentra, eucomis, gladioli, gloriosa, gloxinie, gypsophila, hemerocallis, incarvillea, iris germanica, ismene, liatris, lilium, montbretia, nerine, oxalis, peony, tigridia, tritoma, tuberose, zephyranthes.
During this month you can transplant all the seedlings available in your nursery or on the market.

Harvesting of Vegetables

In the vegetable garden, during may, the following are harvested: beet, chicory, onion, broad bean, bean, lettuce, peas, parsley, radish, spinachbean.

Chores in the vegetable garden and in the garden

In May, in the vegetable garden it is good to control pests and arrange stakes for large herbaceous and perennial plants. It is necessary to water regularly, taking care to do it when the water temperature is similar to that of the ground (morning or evening).
During this month the solanacee grown (aubergine, tomato, peperoni) sweet pepper and leguminous plants (beans/a>, broad beans, peas).

Treatments for the lawn

In this month, it is suggested tocarry out fungicidal treatments on the lawn at the first symptoms of infestation and weeding on developed lawns.

Treatments for the Vine

In May, the vine has visible clusters in separate clusters. It is a good idea to treat against fungal diseases (Peronospora) and against moth and vine crawler.

Treatments in the Orchard

Fruit plants such as pear, apple and peach are blooming. It is advisable to carry out a treatment against fungal diseases (Punctuation, Oidium) and against animal parasites (Carpocapsa, Embroiderers, Phyllominators, Aphids, Tentredini, Cidia, Anarsia).
When the fruits are the size of a walnut, it is good to treat against fungal diseases (Punctuation, Oidium, Brown spot) and against animal parasites (Carpocapsa, Embroiderers, Aphids, Pear Psylla).

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Chores in the vineyard

Having obtained the good "throw" of the vineyard, the winemaker proceeds with the green pruning and the suckling, but also chooses well the "heads" not to be removed because of renewal. During this month, the treatments against powdery mildew and downy mildew of the vine continue with a frequency that follows that of the rains.

Chores in the cellar

Carry out checks on the tightness of the wood in the barrels ; thermal changes can loosen the staves causing dripping which must be promptly cleaned with water and sulfur. Also check the tightness of the vinsanto casks, making sure they are well sealed.