Sowing and Planting in the vegetable garden

In the seedbed, kept in a warm environment or under glass, the following are sown:basil, cabbage, onions, eggplant, sweet peppers, pomodori, radishes,tomatoescelery.
In a small pot, on the other hand, courgettes are sown.
In Februaryartichokesare sown in the nursery.
February is the ideal month for sowing and the plantingof: beetroot, chard, carrots, cichory, tenderstem, onion, fava beans, spring lettuce, english peas and sugar snap peas, turnips, rocket e spinach.
Under tunnels the follwing are sown: watermelon, cucumber, melon.
asparagus roots and the onion bulbscan also be planted.

Sowing and Planting in the Garden

In the seedbed, kept in a warm environment or under glass, the following are sown: ageratum, amaranth, asparagus, snapdragon, calendula, celosia, clarkia, coleus, dahlia, geranium, digitalis, gaillardia, impatiens, kokia, petunia, purslane, primrose, salvia, statice, marigold, verbena, viola, zinnia.
In the garden, in February, the bulbs of begonias and gloxinias are planted.
During this month the following are sown and planted: centaurea, iberis, sweet pea, larkspur.
You can also plant lilies of the valley, roses and the shrubs, if the soil is not frozen.

Vegetables Harvesting

In February, the following can be harvested in the garden: chard, carrot, cauliflower, chicory, curly endive, endivie escarole, fennel, leek, parsley, spinach, valerian.

Chores in the vegetable garden and in the garden

In Februray, you can prepare the ground for the next sowing, for transplants and asparagus plantation. During this month the basic fertilizations are done and the roses, poinsettias and hydrangeas are pruned. It is also a good time to prune and trim the hedges.

Treatments for the grass

At the end of winter you can ventilatethe grass.

Treatments for the Orchard

It is advised to treat fruit plants against fungal diseases (peach leaf curl).

Read the article on the importance of the moon phases in sowing: "How important are the phases of the moon for sowing in the vegetable garden?"

Chores in the vineyard

February is the right month to plant new vineyards . Be careful not to put the roots of the cuttings too deep. It is believed that the right measure is " the one which allows the roots to hear the bells". Fertilize the vineyard with organic fertilizer and work them in alterante rows.

Chores to do in the cellar

It is time to clean the barrels , and the old wine is moved to make space for the new wine. It is recommended to clean and prevent the wine from taking on a “reduced” smell.
The cold in February favors the crystallization of tartar (also called “tasso”).