Sowing and Planting in the vegetable garden

In the seedbed, kept in a warm environment or under glass, peppers are sown and celery.
In the nursery are sown: artichokes, cauliflower, cabbages, augebrigne, tomatoes, leeks and celery.

In April, the following can be sown and planted: watermelons, peanuts, basil, garden beets, beets, carrot, thistles, cucumbers, chicory, long-lasting onions, endive, beans, lettuce, melons, dwarf peas and half height peas, tomatoes, leeks, parsley, radishes, rocket, escarole, spinach, Purple salsify, pumpkin, zucchini.

Can be transplanted: cabbages, tomatoes and all the seedlings available in your nursery or on the market.

Sowing and Planting in the Garden

In the nursery are sown: ageratum, amaranth, asparagus, alyssum, aster, campanula, celosia, centaurea, dahlia, digitalis, elicriso, garofano, kokia, phlox, salvia, tagetes, verbena, vinca.

In April they are sown and planted in the garden:aster, columbine, impatiens, mirabilis jalapa, snapdragon, calendula, clarkia, cosmea, chrysanthemum, helichrysum, ipomea, lobelia, nasturtium, petunia, sweet pea, phlox, delphinium, zinnia, squash.

Can be planted bulbs and rhizomes of the following types: achimenes, acidanthera, agapanthus, alstroemeria, amaryllis, columbine, astilbe, begonia, calla lily, achira, dahlia, dicentra, eucomis, gladiolus, gloriosa, gloxinia, gypsophila, hemerocallis, incarvillea, iris germanica, ismene, liatris, lilium, montbretia, nerine, oxalis, peony, tigridia, tritoma, tuberosa, zephiranthes.
Can be transplanted: calendula, geranium, digitalis, primrose, and all the seedlings ready in your nursery or on the market.
In this spring month, roses in all their varieties can be planted.

Harvesting of vegetables

In april, in the vegetable garden, they can be harvested: onions, fava beans, peas, parsley, radish.

Chores in the vegetable garden and in the garden

In april, it is suggested to shorten the new vegetation in the upper part of the hedge to thicken the lower part. After cutting, it is a good idea to start with infrequent but copious watering of the turf.
This month is ideal to fertilize.

Treatments for the lawn

April is the ideal month to fertilize the lawn. Fertilize wiht fertilizers with high levels of nitrogen (N).

Treatments for the Vines

As for the vine, in the phase of budding up to the extended leaf, it is advisable to carry out treatments against fungal diseases (Oidium).

Treatments in the Orchard

In April, in the orchard, fruit trees such as pear, apple and peach tree have spread out bunches. It is advisable to treat against fungal diseases (Branch cancers, Punctuation, Peach leaf curl, Monilia) and against animal parasites (Cochineals, Aphids, Phyllominators).
In the flowering phase, it is good practice to treat against fungal diseases (Punctuation, Oidium) and against animal parasites (Carpocapsa, Embroiderers, Phyllominators, Aphids, Tentredini, Cidia, Anarsia).

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Chores in the vineyard

In April it is advisableto carry out the first treatments against powdery mildew and downy mildew of the vine. For the latter, intervene with cupric products identifying the right time for the "Three 10" rule, namely:
• when the night has a temperature higher than 10 ° C;
• when there has been precipitation of at least 10 mm of rain;
• when the new shoots are at least 10 cm long.
Complete the work on the vineyard with a subsoiling of the rows left firm.

Chores in the cellar

Efforts are made to filter red wines for bottling and to clarify white wines with decanting.