Sowing and Planting in the vegetable garden

In this summer month the following can be planted in the nursery: artichokes, chicory, early-maturing onions, curly and escarole endive , winter lettuce
August is the ideal month for the sowing and the planting of Beets, chard, tenderstem, chicory, early-maturing onions, endives and curled endives, winter lettuce, parsley, wild radish, turnip, radishes, rocket, spinach, valerians, zucchini

In the garden, can also be transplanted i cabbages and all the seedlings available in your nursery or on the market.

Sowing and Planting in the garden

In August, the following, can be planted in the garden : slipperwort, cinerary, carnation, daisies, grass daisies, pansy
The following can also be sown and planted: snapdragon, centaurium, carnation, godetia, lupine, daisies, grass daisies, silene, pansy, wallflower.

During this summer month bulbs of gladioli and lilies can be planted.
Calceolaria, ornamental cabbage and cineraria are also repotted; the vinca and all the seedlings ready in our nursery or on the market can be transplanted

Harvesting of vegetables

The vegetables that are harvested in August are: basil, beetroot, chard, carrot, cabbage, savoy cabbage, cucumber, chicory, endives and curly endives, bean, lettuce, aubergine, melon, sweet pepper, tomato, leek, parsley, radish, wild radish, pumpkin, zucchini.

Chores in the garden and vegetable garden

It's the ideal month to tuck in fennel and leeks,blanch celery and prepare the ground for autumn sowing. Artichokes must be given particular attention . It's the ideal period to prepare the tomato preserves . The fruits are hung for the winter and the mowings are reduced to the lawn, because due to the high temperatures, the species that compose it go into vegetative rest.

Treatments for the Vine

August, is in the phase of the pre-closure of veraison. It's best to treat the vine against fungal diseases such as downy mildew and against moth and vine moth.

Treatments in the Orchard

In August, fruit trees such as pear, apple, peach, have developed fruit.
It is suggested to carry out treatments against fungal diseases (Oidium, Brown spot) and against animal parasites (Carpocapsa, Embroiderers).

Read the article on the importance of the phases of the moon in sowing: "How important are the phases of the moon for sowing in the vegetable garden?"

Chores in the vineyard

A saying suggests "Se vuoi il mosto, lavora le vigne di agosto" (If you want the must, work the vineyards in August). The winemaker therefore does his utmost to work on the surface of the soil to hinder drought and weeds. Beware of the rains at the end of the month: possibly treat against botrytis, also called gray mold.
The leaves of the vine must be thinned out gradually and not excessively, in order to avoid sunstroke on the bunches that can compromise the quality of the grapes.

Chores in the cellar

In august, it is best to start ppreparing for the harvest. Check the destemmer crusher and overhaul all the mechanical parts of the pomace pumps and presses.
Remember that “soon is often already late”.