Boron NSC Bio Ethanolamine


The BIO NSC fertilizer is a liquid formulation consisting of a complex boron with ethanolamine, its use plays a key role in the profitability of the harvest.
It prevents and reduces boron deficiency physiopathies and intervenes on the vegetative and reproductive processes, favoring the formation of flowers, fruits and a more developed root system.


Ways of use:
Dose for single foliar intervention: 100 ml per hectolitre.
The foliar use is to be preferred for the rapidity of absorption and in the case of soils with high pH and / or low organic content. Recommended radical in greenhouses 15 ml per 20 square meters.

Doses for use:
OLIVE TREE, to reduce the drop of olives
- 2 interventions before flowering
VINE, to solve the phenomenon of "acinellatura" (non-uniform grape growth in the bunch), more uniform fertilization
- 2 interventions before flowering
FRUIT VEGETABLES, for better fertilization
- 2-4 interventions starting 2/3 weeks after transplantation.
- 4 interventions every 15 days from the vegetative restart.
- 2 interventions during the growth cycle.