Liquid Calcium Magnesium


High quality mineral fertilizer with a high content of CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM AND NITRIC NITROGEN for foliar applications.
It activates the vegetative development by improving production, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, it increases the conservation capacity of the fruits and limits the incidence of physiopathies: APICAL ROTS, DRY, BITTER POCKMARCK, APICAL AND FOLIAR CRAPPING, FRUIT BREAKING.


Ways of use:
Repeated interventions during the entire growth cycle by nebulization on the leaves. It is used in: FLOWER GROWING, OLIVE TREES, VINES, VEGETABLES

Doses for use:
300 ml of CALCIUM MAGNESIUM per hectolitre.
Intervene 2 to 4 times at a distance of 15 - 20 days during the vegetative development, after fruit set and in the early stages of fruit development.