Semi da orto: quali caratteristiche deve avere il terreno per avere un raccolto di successo

Vegetable seeds for optimal soils

The cultivation of a vegetable garden is not only a physical activity to obtain healthy and tasty fresh vegetables, but is also an important moment to learn a lot of good things about agriculture, like, the choice of vegetable seeds. The growth and evolution of plants can be carefully observed in the various phases such as sowing and harvesting. This wonderful hobby allows you to reach surprising results, if you put in constant effort and passion. Besides loving nature, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the rules to follow, that are closely linked to the plant’s needs.
The factors that contribute to create a successful harvest are:

  • Light.
  • Soil.
  • Water.
  • Weather.
  • Vegetable seeds.

Cultivating with pleasure and autonomously means serving genuine and fresh products on our table.

The first rule to follow is to know which varieties to cultivate in your area. Vegetable seed have packages that indicate the best time for their sowing. Local reseller or farmers can offer the best advice to pinpoint the correct date.
Vegetable seeds are of different nature and with various characteristics. The needs of the hobby market are met thanks to this wide range of seeds that, thanks to numerous researches and experiments, cover an important role. The categories to which they belong are several.

The classics are the most known and widespread vegetable seeds all over the world. The aromas, are instead, appreciated by a great number of growers, Hybrids belong to selected seeds with great attention to their quality..

There are special seeds in the market, that is, vegetable seeds from which characteristics and particular vegetables are born.

Nowadays, we talk about organic in all the kitchens and all the diffusions of seeds belonging to this area is well known everywhere. What differentiates the categories of organic vegetable seeds is the certification recognised by the Consortium for the control of organic products. To create a big vegetable garden is fundamental to find high quality seeds, which, are enclosed in different size packages.
The seeds belonging to the legumes category are often packaged in big bags and satisfy consumer needs. Their varieties are special and particular as they have high quality characteristics. These come from selected plants, have excellent organoleptic characteristics, they exist in the most common diseases such as downy mildew, bacteriosis and others. They also have a high germination energy that can reach a number equal to 100% in a very short time.

Another important aspect is the ease of the harvest thanks to the pods that are concentrated in the external part of the plant and are picked with great ease.
Experts of the field know the predetermined tapes, or the professional vegetable seeds positioned along the already long cellulose tape and distanced equally from each other. This position allows to jump the boring transplant and thinning phases.
For those who live in a house in which they can display a small sized vegetable garden, they must be content with creating a tailor-made space and choosing the most suitable techniques to achieve an excellent result. After preparing the soil, the choice of vegetable seeds is personal and must be based on the type of the area and its climatic conditions. Fruit or vegetable plants can be cultivated even by the less experienced and the gardening enthusiasts.

A land requires different care compared to a small vegetable garden created on a balcony. The measures are different and the space allows to achieve, from time to time, new vegetable seeds for the production of new agricultural products.
Our table is characterised everyday by fresh fruits and healthy vegetables is certainly a point of pride for those who are committed to choosing the right seeds and to sow in the ideal period.

August 26, 2019 — Alias Srl