Cosa sono gli spinaci e come coltivarli

Spinach is one of the oldest vegetables in existence

They are not original to Europe but have been exported to the continent long after their birth. Spinach derive directly from a plant called spinacia oleracea, native to the Persian deserts.

The "spenaci" are characterized by a large dark green leaf, which can be eaten both raw and cooked. The plant was exported to Europe a few hundred years after its discovery, but was not immediately successful. From 1890, however, things seemed to change due to a printing error. In fact, a clerk got confused and wrote on the spinach label that the vegetable contained 30 mg of iron instead of three. It was a real revolution; everyone asked for and consumed spinach to become even stronger to fight in the war. Furthermore, there was also a decline in meat consumption as this new vegetable was even richer in iron than red meat. From this huge mistake, the legend of Popeye was also born, the sailor who used spinach to become stronger and defeat his enemies. Plantations of spinach are very common even today, as this vegetable is able to withstand the cold and climate changes very well , adapting perfectly to any type of soil, from the most clayey to the hardest. The cultivation of this vegetable can take place at different times of the year but the best period is certainly the one that goes from September to October. The cultivation of spinach requires particular care of the soil rather than the plant itself; before sowing, in fact, it is necessary to dig the soil about 25 cm in depth, so that any depressions or clods of soil that could block the flow of water to the plant are eliminated.

It is also good that the land used to cultivate the spinach it is not fertilized with compost or natural fertilizer such as manure but with mineralized fertilizers. The plant grows very fast and the vegetable is ready to be cut around 40-60 days after sowing.

Beneficial properties of spinach

Spinach have many beneficial properties for the whole organism thanks to its main components: they are very rich in iron and for this reason they are used above all to fight anemia . The iron contained in this particular vegetable is active in the body only if it has the right amount of vitamin C which helps its functioning; otherwise, to enjoy the benefits of spinach, just season them with oil and lemon.

In addition, these are rich in both fiber, useful in case of constipation, and in lutein , a substance that is responsible for ensuring proper functioning of the eyes. This vegetable also contains folic acid, which is responsible for keeping the functions of the immune system active and regulating the production of red blood cells in the blood. Thanks to its particular properties, spinach is also used to fight the onset of cancer and to regulate blood pressure, thanks also to the presence in it of a large amount of nitrates.

Contraindications of spinach

Although spinach has a very low calorie intake , a minimum percentage of fat and is rich in vitamins, it cannot be consumed by everyone or in large quantities. It is not recommended to use this vegetable for all those who suffer from kidney stones or even osteoporosis.

In spinach in fact, some substances are contained such as oxalic acid , which not only promotes the onset of kidney stones but also decreases the value of calcium present in the blood, creating problems for anyone who has osteoporosis or is trying to heal a bone fracture. It is therefore necessary to consume this vegetable with caution and not in an exaggerated way, so as not to cause damage to the body..

August 23, 2019 — Alias Srl