Trap vase


Solves the problem of annoying insects in a non-toxic way

Vaso Trap® is a cap made of resistant plastic material, consisting of two parts: a funnel that will be positioned on the mouth of the jar to prevent the escape of the captured insects and a lid with six concentric access mouths for the insects to shelter the rainwater, which will be screwed on like the original cap. Thanks to a hooking ring, the Biotrappola Vaso Trap® can be hung directly on an aerial support, or placed on a shelf or on the ground, without the risk of overturning.

Hornets, Wasps, Hornets Asian (Vespa Velutina):

350 ml of beer + 2 tablespoons of sugar or honey. Or: 200 ml of water + 3 tablespoons of sugar or honey + a glass of red wine vinegar.

Carpocapsa, Moth, Sesia, Falene and various other types of moths:

Flavoring a liter of wine sweetened with 6/7 tablespoons of sugar for a fortnight with 15 cloves and half a stick of cinnamon, then add it to 2-3 Lt. of water. With lt. 4 of bait so prepared you can place about n. 11 Trap® jar containing 350 ml.

Fruit flies (cherries, olive trees, walnuts, citrus fruits etc…):

Introduce 350 ml into the jars. of liquid ammonia (such as unscented cleaning use) with the addition of a sardine as a protein bait (raw fish).

All types of common flies and flies:

Introduce 350 ml into the jars . of water + raw fish scraps, sardines, anchovies, etc ... (quantity about 20/30 grams).