Villa Medici - Green Lawn - Recreational Ornamental

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Things to know:

Composition: Red fescue, Late English ryegrass, Red fescue comm., Fienarola dei prati, Agrostide capillary

Suitable for: Fine, durable carpets and sports fields

Kg per hectare: 300/350

Resistant over time fine carpet
The Villa Medici turf is a Mixture formed by varieties of wear-resistant, fine-leaved species suitable for the formation of a dense turf and brilliant for family gardens, residential areas, playgrounds, etc ... it is one of the few lawns that, in addition to a remarkable ornamental aesthetic aspect due to the density, brilliance and fineness of the leaves, has a great resistance to stress, due to the assiduous trampling on the carpet. The ease of installation, the uniformity of coverage, the persistence over time and, above all, the great adaptability to any environment and to any kind of use, make this Mixture the "Universal" par excellence.