Dry soils Turf


Things to know:

Composition: English ryegrass, Ovine fescue, Apom meadowland fescue, red fescue, red commutated fescue, Trifoglio repens nanissimo

Suitable for: For grassing orchards, vineyards, olive groves

Kg per hectare: 70/80

Dry Soils Turf
The turf for dry soils is the classic Mixture with slow and determined growth, designed not for a real dense and soft turf, but rather for grassing spaces more or less wide in a fast and lasting way, with excellent persistence and with good vegetative recovery after periods of stress due to the rigors of winter and summer heat. In addition to this, it is widely used in the grassing of orchards, vineyards, olive groves, etc ... reducing maintenance costs to a minimum, due to its reduced growth. Very low maintenance (2/3 cuts a year), no need to be fertilized. Excellent resistance to the summer period and excellent vegetative recovery in spring and autumn. Sowing time: autumn and late winter.