Sunny Turf


Things to know:

Composition: Ponderosa late perennial ryegrass, Taya late perennial ryegrass, Double tetraploid perennial ryegrass, Montreux late perennial ryegrass, Poa pratensis Conni, Poa pratensis Miracle, Festuca Rubra Rubra, Red fescue comm. Casanova

Kg per ha: 300

The SOLEGGIATO turf Mixture is the classic English turf, made up of the most suitable species and the most resistant varieties to mount to seed for the formation of a truly enviable gazon. The ease of installation, the great adaptability and the excellent resistance to trampling, make this Mixture one of the most suitable for family gardens, for residential areas, for parks and for more or less walkable spaces.
With carefully chosen material it is easy to arrive at the result.