Pratomagno - Green Lawn - Escarpments and slopes


Things to know:

Composition: English ryegrass in 2 varieties, Festuca rubra rubra, Phleum pratense, Tall fescue, Festuca pratense, Dactylis glomerata

Suitable for: For embankments, embankments and slopes

Kg per hectare: 300/350

Natural green in your garden
The Pratomagno Turf is the lawn seen as an integral part of the landscape that surrounds us. Formed by varieties of species with rhizomatous roots, this Mixture forms a brilliant turf, even in areas with a slight slope, embankments, embankments, etc. It bears considerable wear and needs little maintenance. If cut not too low, it also has considerable durability. due to its great ease of settlement and adaptability to any terrain and climate, it is also very suitable for grassing even in particularly difficult and less frequented areas.