Shaded Turf

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Things to know:

Composition: Neruda perennial ryegrass, red fescue comm. Casanova, Festuca rubra tricophilla Samantha, Double tetraploid perennial ryegrass, Poa trivialis Dasas, Poa nemoralis Enhary

Kg per ha: 300

The OMBREGGIATO turf Mixture is the one that is suitable for sowing in the shade (generally of trees); here the gazon is more fragile, as the shadow itself alters the natural environment with the following effects on the carpet: poor rooting and lower density, shallower rooting, slowing of photosynthesis. Therefore the OMBREGGIATO turf Mixture must be composed of varieties with very high specific and varietal purity and with those fundamental characteristics that distinguish this type of Mixture: disease resistance, medium-high cut, moderate foot traffic and limited attendance.
With carefully chosen material it is easy to get the result.