Soft Soap


Suitable to naturally clean up plants attacked by insects from exudates and organic residues left on vegetation. In a preventive and curative way it has an invigorating action giving greater resistance to parasite attacks, improves and strengthens the lymphatic vessels and the leaf cuticle. For its invigorating action it is suitable for all vegetable, fruit and garden plants. Doses and methods of use: Winter treatments: 120-150 g / 10 Lt of water; Vegetative treatments: 80-120 g / 10 Lt of water; Preventive treatment: once every 15 days; Curative treatment: once every 3-4 days until the symptoms disappear; Do not use with products containing metal ions (such as copper and microelements); Carry out the treatments in the coolest hours of the day; With temperatures over 25 ° C use the lowest dosage; The product can be used all year round. The 0.120 bottle allows you to make mini dosages 20-25 drops correspond to 1 ml.