Ratt on 25


Rodenticide bait container with fresh bait

RATT-ON aims to be a response of comfort and safety to the European regulations regarding treatments against mice and rats (aimed at protecting children and pets from possible dangerous fatal misadventures) which provides for the EXCLUSIVE USE OF BAIT CONTAINERS IN DISINFESTATION ACTIONS AGAINST MICE AND RATS. Mice / rats are extremely sensitive to odors for this reason RATT-ON was born assembled in line by specialized operators who wear latex gloves during the assembly and packaging phases. RATT-ON contains 6 fresh baits based on BRODIFACOUM of 20 gr each, the most authoritative and effective rodenticide available on the European market. Brodifacoum acts as an anticoagulant on mice / rats.

Place the container directly in the vicinity of the burrow or in the paths that mice / rats usually walk. The container is filled with 120 grams of bait sufficient to disinfect mice and rats (gray and black) in an area of ​​100 square meters. In the case of larger areas, more containers must be used. The container is closed for safety with a key that is supplied in the package allowing the filling with new baits, remembering to always wear latex gloves during these operations. It is necessary to check the container weekly and replace the eroded baits with new ones. The treatment can be continued for 6 weeks, after which it must be suspended and the bait boxes withdrawn.

120 grams of fresh canned bait for plastic baits, ready for use