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San Remo Tomato


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Things to know:

N. seeds per g: 450

Vegetative cycle in days: 75

Earliness: Medium early

Notes: For fresh market

Seeds in g / 100 m² of culture by direct sowing: 20

Seeds in g / 100 m² of culture per transplant: 4

Sowing depth in cm: 1

Distance between and on the row in cm: 80x50

F1 hybrid of the Beefsteak Tomato. Indeterminate plant, vigorous with good fertility, early cycle fruit weighing 250/300 g with the typical shape of the type. Medium green color with darker streaks that turns to bright pink and then to intense red when ripe. Sweet and slightly acidic flavor. Resistant to V, Fol, N, and tolerant to TMV, TSWV.