Soybean oil


improves the self-defense mechanism in the presence of insects. It reduces the water losses of the plants and delays the closing of the stomata in the event of temperature variations caused by rain or by the arrival of cold or hot winds. The reduction of foliar transpiration also involves a reduction of the excesses of vegetative activity with a rebalancing of the radical one and of all the phenological phases directly linked to the productive aspects of the plant. Doses and methods of use: Winter treatments: 120-150 g / 10 Lt of water; Vegetative treatments: 40-60 g / 10 Lt of water; Preventive treatment: once every 15 days; Curative and protective treatment: once every 5-15 days until the symptoms disappear; Carry out the treatments in the coolest hours of the day; With temperatures over 25 ° C use the lowest dosage; The product can be used all year round.