NO GAS - Total action - Flying insects

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Micro encapsulated liquid insecticide even in open areas

TOTAL ACTION - FLYING INSECTS is a ready-to-use aqueous solution against flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, etc.). The product can be used in all internal areas, both private and public, and in the surrounding external areas such as courtyards, gardens, gazebos, campsites and on green areas (hedges, ornamental bushes, lawns, etc.). TOTAL ACTION - VOLANTI creates a permanent, knocking down, persistent barrier for up to 3 months.

Shake well and carefully rotate the spray nozzle 90 ° to allow dispensing before using the product. Hold the spray bottle upright and spray on surfaces where insects land more frequently, from a distance of 30-50cm. To control mosquitoes in green areas, completely sprinkle the vegetation avoiding dripping. Spray the product vigorously about 10 times per linear meter.

Bottle of 500 ml