NO GAS - Total action - Bed bugs

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Micro-encapsulated liquid insecticide against bed bugs

TOTAL ACTION - BED BUGS is a ready-to-use aqueous solution. The product is laboratory tested and can be used in bedrooms, hospitals, hotels, barracks, retirement homes, mattresses, beds and textiles.

Shake well and carefully rotate the spray nozzle 90 ° to allow dispensing before using the product. Hold the bottle upright and spray on the beds and mattresses.

To get the best effect, you should start spraying the surfaces around the legs of the bed and the legs of the bed, since bed bugs have direct access to the mattresses and sheets. In the next step, the bed frame and mattress are sprayed. In the third step we will treat all the cracks in the floor to create a barrier throughout the room. The treatment should be repeated at least every 15 days until the problem is resolved
Bottle of 500 ml