Compound Feed Free Birds


Things to know:


A correct, healthy and balanced diet is essential for the growth and well-being of your small hobby animals. The result of our many years of experience, MixtureBON is a balanced food, consisting of easily digestible and rigorously selected natural products that guarantee an adequate supply of vitamins and mineral salts.

Thanks to the addition of dehydrated fruit rich in proteins, minerals and fats, MixtureBON BIRDS LIBERI adequately integrates the feed in order to compensate for any deficiencies deriving from a diet of seeds only. In this way it helps the animal to maintain a thick and healthy plumage, contributing to its robustness and good health even during the reproductive period.

COMPOSITION: yellow millet, wheat, red sorghum, broken of flint corn, striped sunflowers, red millet, white sorghum, hulled oats, black sunflower, shelled peanuts, hemp, flax, niger, raisins and dehydrated figs.