Laser eye


Wall mounted insect control unit


LaserEYE Wall Mount System.
With its innovative design, the LaserEYE is recommended for use in homes, offices, shops and restaurants.
The i-trap is constructed so that the UV-A light is directed upwards.

The LaserEYE has an all-metal housing and uses a powerful UV-A lamp to lure insects into its trap. Once the insects have entered the trap, they are effectively controlled by an adhesive backing.

Easy to serve, elegant and effective; the LaserEYE offers it all.

10 reasons to start using the LaserEYE:

In its position on the wall the unit is very discreet;
The unit can be used in a wide variety of applications;
Adhesive backing discreetly out of sight and easy to replace
The metal case is durable;
Effective coverage of areas up to 30 m2;
Easy maintenance with direct access to lamp and card;
Compliant with ISO 9001 / RoHS and CE standard;
Durable quality components, industrial design;
High power effective UV-A lamp;
2-year full warranty on mechanical aspects