Universal pyremox


Pyrethrum-based aerosol insecticide against flying and crawling insects

TZYGO UNIVERSAL PYREMOX owes its extreme effectiveness to the Mixture of NATURAL PYRETHRUM, Tetramethrin and PBO; the killing is immediate. Target insects are: cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, flies, etc. The product can be used in civil and domestic environments, in all types of premises and also outdoors in the garden for the control of mosquitoes.

CRAWLING INSECTS: spray for 3 or 4 sec. in areas where insects nest (corners, wall cracks, etc.) at a distance of 20/30 cm.

FLYING INSECTS: after closing the room where the treatment is to be carried out, spray in the air for 7/8 seconds away from the walls; wait 30 minutes for the treatment to take effect, then open and ventilate the room.

Aerosol Bottle 650 ml / 500 ml net