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Chestnut extract


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Tannin-based tannin greater than 35% used for both foliar and root treatments for its complexing and corroborating properties. On the leaves it forms a thin, highly adhesive film that acts as a barrier to fungi and bacteria while in the root system it stimulates the useful microflora with growth of the root system. Dosage and method of use: Fruit trees, Pome fruits, Olives, Stone fruits, Grapes, Actinidia, Citrus fruits, Plants, Floricole. Foliar: 250-350 g / hl, repeating every 8-10 days. Radical: 1-3 kg x 1000 m2, repeating every 15-20 days. Enhances the action of concentrated vinegar 1 kg of chestnut extract is needed to be added to 2 kg of concentrated vinegar. The Mixture is to be used 200g / liter of water (20 kg per hectolitre)