Corrective Sulfur Flowable 48 BIO


SULFUR FLOWABLE 48 is a liquid formulation in solution complexed with plant extracts containing many alginates. The flow formulation promotes miscibility and compatibility with other products. As a nutritional, sulfur is a plastic nutritional macro-element used in the constitution of amino acids, proteins, vitamin B, cytochrome C, and in gluten and in some cases in essential oils (garlic, onion, ...). Strengthens the natural resistance of plants against stress and allows to reduce the doses of use with less risk of cytotoxicity; it also allows greater persistence and effectiveness thanks to better coverage.

Ways and methods of use:
Repeated interventions during the entire vegetative cycle by foliar application.
It is advisable to intervene every 7-10 days at a dose of 300 ml per hectolitre.CULTURE: VINE, OLIVE, FRUITS, STRAWBERRIES AND EXTENSIVE CROPS.

Sulfur Flowable 48 is miscible with pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers with the exception of products that cannot be Mixtureed with sulfur.