Wormland fertilizer


The Wormaland fertilizer is a natural product obtained from the digestion of manure by earthworms. Revitalizes the soil and promotes the assimilation of fertilizing elements for a long time.
HYDROSEMINE: used at a dose of 200-400 g per m2, the 25 kg package is used for 60-120 m2.
OTHER USES: for the preparation of soil, Mixture 10 to 20% of Wormoland with the soil.
When planting tree plants under and around the earthen bread, distribute 1 kg or more of product per plant.
Vegetable garden and garden (doses per 100 m2): to revitalize the soil, distribute from 30 to 50 kg of product, for lawns to the plant and in case of regeneration sowing 70 kg, while in case of suffering repeat the treatment with quantities of 30 to 50kg.