N-control Dcd fertilizer


Fertilizer with the nitrification inhibitor DCD which makes the transition from ammonia nitrogen to nitric nitrogen gradual, for a duration of 60/90 days. Therefore, losses due to leaching into the soil and volatilization in The potassium, all from sulphate and the high content of SO3 determine a strengthening of the root system even against pathogens and an increase in water retention. Dose: Fruit trees 50 g / m2 - olive and citrus trees 70 g / m2 - trees 100-200 g per plant or under-tree 70 g / m2 - vegetables 50-80 g / m2 - flowers 80-120 g / m2 - pre-sowing turf 100-200 g - turf in autumn 50-70 g / m2 - potted plants 1-3 g per liter of soil.
When: all year round.