Liquid Fertilizer "Vegetative Development"


For tree and horticultural crops from the beginning of the vegetative cycle to fruit enlargement. For lawns, leafy vegetables (salads and others) and flowers throughout the cycle. DEVELOPMENT is used both by foliar application and by fertigation. NPK 12.5.8 fertilizer with many macro elements allows plants to increase production, stimulate tissue formation (branches, leaves, roots), improve flowering and coloring of flowers and fruits and ripening of fruits (initial phase).

Application Foliar ml/hl Fertirrigation 1000 mq
Trees coltures 200 ml
8 litres
Vegetable coltures 150 ml
9 litres
Flower coltures 200 ml
8 litres
200 ml
8 litres

Fertigation for watering: 100 ml for 10-20 liters.
Forage crops, cereals 5 lt x 1000 m2
When: Repeat if necessary every 15 days