Liquid Fertilizer "Maturation"


Liquid fertilizer for foliar applications and for fertigation with a high potassium content, the treated plants are more robust and resistant to adverse climatic conditions and poor water availability. The color of the flowers is intensified and the flavor, color and shelf life of the fruit are improved. To be used above all in the fruit enlargement phase and in the various final phases of the vegetative cycle.


Application Foliar ml/hl Fertirrigation 1000 mq
Trees coltures 200 ml
10 litres
Vegetable coltures 200 ml
10 litres
Flower coltures 200 ml
10 litres
200 ml
10 litres

Fertigation for watering: 100 ml for 10-20 liters.
Forage crops, cereals 10 lt / ha
When: Repeat if necessary every 15 days