Flash fertilizer

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Characteristics: FLASH is a formulation containing essential substances for plant metabolism, which can be used in all stages of plant life.
Instructions for use and indicative doses: FLASH must be used alone, using a solution of 15 ml per 10 liters.
GERMINATION: before sowing, keep the seeds in immersion for a period from 6 to 24 hours, drain and sow.
ROOTING TALEE. Keep the cuttings immersed for 18 to 60 minutes, drain and plant.
VEGETATIVE RECOVERY: spray the whole plant with a solution of 15 ml in 10 liters, repeat every 10-15 days.
VEGETATIVE DEVELOPMENT: ornamental plants and leaf horticulture: use every 10 days and after each cut.
GROUNDING AND FRUIT RIPENING. Fruit horticulture: Beans, Broad Beans and Peas use every 7 days from the formation of the third stage Tomato, Pepper and Eggplant use every 15-20 days from the formation of the 5th leaf and stop 20 days before harvesting. Strawberries, Melons and Watermelons use every 10 days, the first when flowering and the last when the fruits are already formed. Fruit growing: Vine use at the beginning and end of flowering 10 days apart. Pear, Apple and Peach tree use in flower bunches at fruit set and after 15 days.
Pack of 240 ml for 160 liters