Milk thistle


Main properties of the Milk Thistle

Contains a large amount of bioflavonoid complexes that regulate female hormone production whose balance is essential for the general well-being of women.

Liver tonic and regenerator: helps with liver problems and enlargements. Protects the liver from toxic poisoning by poisonous mushrooms. Regenerates damaged liver tissues. It also helps with fatigue, depression and food allergies.

Antioxidant: acts as an antioxidant with much greater control of free radical damage than vitamin E.

Febrifuge: glutathione reduces the activity of free radicals not only in the liver but throughout the body. Milk thistle inhibits the formation of leukotrienes, components responsible for inflammation.

Balances female hormones: stimulates the formation of breast milk in mothers, relieves cramps, pains and headaches associated with the menstrual cycle, balances female hormones (estrogen), purifies the blood and liver, facilitates the elimination of toxins through the urine, banishes fever and prevents muscle cramps.