Armadillha 15 Lamp


Insect killer lamp with attractive blue UV light

With its discreet and attractive design, the Armadilha 15 is recommended for use in both home and professional environments. The Armadilha 15 is designed to be placed as a free-standing unit as an ornament or on the wall. The Armadilha 15 uses a powerful ultraviolet lamp which attracts flying insects. Inside the unit is placed a glue paper positioned out of sight thus offering discreet insect control. Armadilha 15 is easy to install, easy to use and safe to use. The unit is designed for indoor use only.


Area coverage: 15 m2 effective light source: 1 x 8 Watt UV-A lamp
Lamp: UV-A RoHS Certified
Position: mobile or wall mounted
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
Catch Specifications: Heat Activated Glue
Power consumption: 10 Watts
Weight: 1 Kg
Material: Plastic case
Degree of protection: IP 20
Color: White / Black
Int. Construction standard: acc. IEC 60.335-259 int. std
Warranty: 1 year return to base
Lamp life: 9000 hours
Dimensions (LxDxH): ∅140 x 280 mm
CE approval: Yes