Longzini Zucchini


Things to know:

N. seeds per g: 8

Vegetative cycle in days: 60

Earliness: Medium early

Notes: Fresh market and industry

Seeds in g / 100 m² of culture by direct sowing: 40

Seeds in g / 100 m² of culture per transplant: 30

Sowing depth in cm: 2-3

Distance between and on the row in cm: 150x60

F1 hybrid of Zucchini. Elongated cylindrical fruits of 18/20 cm, light green color with darker green marbling. Excellent flavor suitable for the fresh market and industry. Quite open plant of medium vigor, production begins 65/70 days after transplanting. Suitable for greenhouse and open field cultivation. Intermediate
resistance to ZYMV and tolerant to PMT.