Acquastock for Lawns



The ACQUASTOCK for domestic use is used for potted plants and in the garden. For decoration with cut flowers or other by coloring the gel. Fight against mosquitoes by putting the gel in the saucer that does not allow mosquitoes to multiply.

3500 ML PACK
ACQUASTOCK FOR LAWN CARPETS is used in order to ensure a water reserve to facilitate the germination and subsequent rooting of the turf and its development also reduces any damage due to excess water. HYDROSEMINE: 1000 liter barrel use 600 ml of product. TRADITIONAL SOWING: preparation of the gel using 500 ml of product for 70 liters per 250 square meters, alternatively it can also be used dry with the use of 10/20 ml per square meter. During maintenance work: for doses see above. In all cases, follow with abundant irrigation.