No Thanks Ants


Natural ecological product based on essential oils in porous microgranules that has a stopping action by creating an insurmountable barrier to ants. Its action turns out to be a mechanism for the temporary removal of the ant, without setting up a protection activity for the plants or the house. The product is ready to use, does not contain harmful chemicals, respects the environment and is not dangerous for humans, birds and animals in general (non-target). Due to its characteristics it can be used in all situations.


DOSES and METHOD OF USE: FOR PLANTS it is to be used to prevent ants from carrying aphids on the plants: PLANTS IN POTS: spread the granules around the plant you need from 3 to 5 grams per pot. PLANTS IN THE GARDEN: for larger garden plants and on open ground use 20 to 30 g per plant. FOR THE HOME: to prevent ants from entering the house, create a barrier around the house entrances. The mechanism is temporary to keep it efficient integrate the Barrier every 2-3 weeks, in summer and autumn once a month.