Hot Cayenne Pepper (ginger)


Things to know:

N. seeds per g: 150

Vegetative cycle in days: 75

Earliness: Medium early

Notes: For fresh market and drying

Seeds in g / 100 m² of culture per transplant: 4

Sowing depth in cm: 1

Distance between and on the row in cm: 70x50

This variety is the best known in Italy. It has thin-fleshed red fruits that are very attractive when ripe. Dimensions 14x1.7 cm. Suitable for open field production. For fresh and dry markets.
The fruit of the Cayenne Spicy Pepper (Ginger) is mainly consumed dried for condiments. It has a very high content of vitamins, excites the gastric secretion and therefore has digestive and stimulating properties.
Scoville scale: 3,500 / 5,000