Main properties of the Daikon

Daikon is known for its fat burning properties and is rich in minerals such as phosphorus, sodium, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, selenium, manganese and zinc.
It also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and C.

Fat burning: it is known above all for its fat burning properties as the substances contained in it help metabolize excess lipids in the body. For this reason its consumption is recommended in combination with particularly seasoned dishes or fried foods
Diuretic: it also has diuretic and detoxifying properties and, thanks to its low calories, it can bring benefits in case of diets.
Antioxidant properties: thanks to the high content of vitamin C it has antioxidant properties. Its consumption is certainly able to bring benefits to our body by fighting free radicals and strengthening the immune system. It also contains some phenolic compounds with antioxidant activity.

Acne and boils: Drinking daikon juice or applying its pulp to the skin has proven to be a valuable aid in treating acne and boils.

Antibacterial: contains a molecule with antibacterial properties, sulforaphane. These properties, combined with the expectorant ones, make this vegetable a valuable aid in the fight against diseases of the respiratory system.

Digestive: if consumed raw it has digestive properties.

Purifying properties: it is a very effective diuretic, it stimulates the kidneys to produce more urine with greater filtration of toxins.

Bone health: it is rich in calcium, a mineral essential for bone health.