Distair S - Insecticide

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Pyrethrum-based insecticide aerosol for electronic diffusers

Pyrethrum-based insecticide to be used in the appropriate electronic diffuser. Valid remedy against flying insects, it has an immediate killing effect. Target insects: flies, mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes and moths. Suitable for the disinfestation of civil and domestic environments such as homes, meeting rooms, canteens, shops, laboratories, food industry, hotels, restaurants, barracks, public transport by land and sea. The repellent effect of pyrethrum can have a preventive effect to avoid the infestation of flying insects. One cylinder protects up to 45 square meters of area. A 250 ml cylinder active 24 hours a day at 15 min intervals protects the environment for up to 4 weeks.

Insert the cylinder into the appropriate electronic diffuser and activate it following the instructions instructions. Optimization of use is achieved by placing the diffuser at least 2 meters high and 30 cm from the ceiling. DISTAIR S is released at regular intervals based on the speaker programming, from 75 sec onwards. DISTAIR S can also be used manually by keeping the cylinder and dispenser vertically and pointing towards the center of the room at the top, proceeding with sprays at intervals of 6 sec.

250 m aerosol can