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Italiko chicory


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Things to know:

Harvest: Autumn - Winter

Sowing: Spring - Summer

Type of plant: Compact erect head

Crop cycle in days: 90-120

N. seeds per g: 700

Leaf: Long, jagged

Leaf color: Deep green, red rib

Seeds in g / 100 m² of culture by direct sowing: 30 / 50-300

Seeds in g / 100 m² of culture per transplant: 8

Sowing depth in cm: 1

Distance between and on the row in cm: 40x25

The Chicory is rich in mineral salts, has refreshing, purifying, diuretic properties and is recommended as a stimulant for the stomach and intestines and for liver disorders. Roasted roots are a good substitute for coffee for those who are not allowed to use caffeine.