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White Garlic Variety GARCUA Origin Spain 55/60

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Things to know:

Bulb size: 60+

N. cloves / head of garlic: 8-14

Quantity of cloves in kg per 100 m² of direct cultivation: 10-11

Production of heads in kg per 100 m² of cultivation: 110-120

N. cloves / 100 m² of culture in direct plantation (investment density): 2500-2700

Vegetative cycle in days from sowing, for dry (or fresh) product referred to 15 hours of light and temperatures of 10-15 ° C / day, minimum conditions under which the head develops: 180-200 (120-130)

Earliness: Medium late

Notes: Planting from October to February

Planting depth in cm: 4-5

Distance between and on the row in cm: 25-30 x 12-15 (about 20-35 plants / m²)